Facility Rentals

At this time, we are not renting out the facility. Please contact Megan at meganp@biparks.org for questions. 

SONY DSCWe have rooms and equipment for rentals that do not require your guests to get wet. All of our rooms have wifi for your guests to access. We have dry bathrooms off the lobby and a great view of the pools. We have hosted large events accommodating up to 150 people at a time, including art shows, large certification courses and workshops. We have a list of some of the common questions and specifications listed below, but if you have a specific request please give us a call at 206-842-2302.

Facility Rental Form (Sample)

Nakata A Room

Nakata B Room

RoomNon-CommercialCommercialMax CapacityAmenities
Nakata A$48/hr$101.50/hr39 peopleWhite board, sink, counter, 4 tables, 25 chairs
RoomNon-CommercialCommercialMax CapacityAmenities
Nakata B$60/hr$120/hr136 peopleSink, counter, 6 tables, 30 chairs
RoomNon-CommercialCommercialMax CapacityAmenities
Nakata Grande $82.50/hr$165/hr175 peopleWhite board, sink, 12 tables, 50 chairs
Need some equipment for your event? We have additional chairs, tables, speakers, a projector and screen that can be rented.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can we decorate?
Absolutely decorate away. All we ask is what you bring in you take out. Please nothing that will damage the facility, like paint.
Can we have alcohol?
Unfortunately, with our facility being on school grounds we are a dry facility.
What if we need to change our date?
If you provide 2 weeks advance notice there will be NO service charge.

Less than 2 weeks’ notice there will be a $25 service charge.

What if we need to cancel our reservation?
If you have an event during our open swims we will need to assess a non-refundable deposit as no one can rent the rooms.

If you have an after-hours rental or we do not need a deposit, and you cancel more than 2 weeks in advance you will be refunded less a $25 service charge.

If you have an after-hours rental or the deposit is not required, and you cancel less than 2 weeks in advance you will be refunded less a $35 service charge.

If you cancel the day of the event we will not be able to refund.