Class Descriptions
aquatic_aquafit_2016_2Admission Rates

 Senior/Youth ExerciseAdult Exercise
10 Visit Pass$79.00$94.00
20 Visit Pass$125.50$165.50
EXERCISE 30 DAY MONTHLY OPTION1x Week2x WeekUnlimitedUnlimited with a monthly swim pass

River Fitness

Using the natural resistance of the river, our instructors will challenge you with a series of exercises. Exercises will combine cardio with muscle conditioning, stretching and toning to engage each participant in a comprehensive workout. This class will be limited to the first 10 participants. Water shoes are required along with a water bottle.

 MWF 7:00-8:00a     Sa 8:30-9:30a   

Weekday Core Workout

Change up your workout routine by taking it to the water! This unique workout combines the best of deep and shallow water to strengthen your body from the core up!

MWF 8:00-9:00a

Noon Time Aqua Motion

Energize yourself with a combo workout in the river and deep water! Swimming ability is not required, but water shoes are recommended.

TTh 12:00-1:00p

Hydro FIT Deep Water Aerobics

Deep water classes are non-impact workouts; which allows participants to increase their intensity without negatively impacting their joints. Flotation devices are utilized for this class. New students should plan to arrive 10 minutes early for their first class, for orientation.

MW 9:00-10:00a    TTh 7:30-8:30p  TTh 9:00-10:00a

Motion Meditation

Restore balance and motion to the body and soul, using movements based on tai chi and quigong. Non-swimmers and those with limited mobility welcome.

MW 12:00-12:45p

Aqua Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Workout is a warm water exercise program shown to reduce pain and improve overall health. If arthritis is keeping you from moving the way you want to or you need to unlock some of those stiff joints…come enjoy the healing powers of the water. Water shoes and a water bottle are required for this class.

M 9:00-10:00a    F 10:00-11:00a

Boot Camp

Want more from your workout, but running or what you are doing now needs some spice? Want to sweat and get a heart-poundng workout in the water? Then try our new HIT-style boot camp class. HIT stands for High Intensity Training. This is a 60-minute booty kickin’ workout in the Ray pool. This is a registration required class.

Activity #400510
01         M         10:30-11:30a         6/3-24          $32
02         M         10:30-11:30a         7/1-29          $40
03         M         10:30-11:30a         8/5-26          $32

Program Contact Information:

Megan S. Pleli
Aquatic Program Manager
206-842-2302 ext 102