Fees & Passes

During this initial reopening, space will be limited due to the social distancing guidelines outlined by the Governor’s Office Modified Phase 1 Plan for Aquatic Facilities. The entire Aquatic Center historically has run in a deficit to the tune of $600,000+, which offsets the cost of the front desk staff, lifeguards, propane, water, electrical, and the additional costs we incur to keep the buildings open above what is taken in as revenue from programming. The Park District is not able to take on any more subsidy this year. Therefore, due to the restricted capacity limits (a maximum of 50 people including staff), prices have been increased to cover the basic operating expenses.

The new pricing is as follows:
$9 (senior resident)
$10 adult resident
$11 off island

What if I have a pass month, 6-month, or annual pass?

These passes are currently on hold and will be reinstated once the facility is under normal operations again. If you would like to have the remainder of the pass refunded to your household account, those funds can be utilized for space registration. Email Marjorie at mlemaster@biparks.org or call 206-842-2302 to make these changes.