Adult Swim Lessons

Here at the Aquatic Center our staff believes that you are never too old to learn or refine a skill. Come learn how to float or how to do a flip turn. We have the right class for you!

Yes, You Can Swim

Our instructors will help you overcome your fear and feel comfortable in the water. Let us help you cross learning how to swim off of your bucket list in a warm and supportive environment.

Activity #402519
01           Th           6:30-7:10p           6/20-8/8*          $66.50
*No class 7/4

I Swam a Long Time Ago

This class is a refresher for the swimmer who has been out of the water for many years and would like to explore swimming for exercise and enjoyment.

Activity #402517
01           Th           7:10-7:50p           6/20-8/8*          $66.50
*No class 7/4

Lap and Fitness Swimming Basics

Take your lap swimming to the next level. Learn how to track your heart rate, incorporate different speeds and strokes to create a personalized workout to accomplish your goals.

Activity #402524
01           Th           7:50-8:30p             6/20-8/8*          $66.50
*No class 7/4


Trim That Tri

A class for adult athletes interested in competing in triathlons, but for whom swimming is a chanllenge. Build skills, endurance and speed in the front crawl, as well as touch on other strokes to use in a triathlon. There will be additional training ideas for practice outside of class.

Activity #402518
01           T           7:00-8:00p             6/25-8/6*          $133

Program Contact Information:

Lisa Claesson-Gordon
Aquatic Program Coordinator
206-842-2302 ext 104