Float & Float Movie Nights


Returning Fall 2023

Float & Float Movie Night is a signature event at the Aquatic Center. Dual movie screens show a feature film, allowing guests to enjoy a rootbeer float in a room and not miss a minute of the action. Finish your float, head back into the pool, and float on an inner tube while watching your favorite flick!


If you haven’t been here before for a Float & Float, here are some common questions asked:

When can I buy my ticket?

Tickets go on sale the day before the float and float. You can call or stop in to reserve your spot. We will hold your wristbands so you can beat the line.

Can I use my family punch card or pass for a float & float?

Unfortunately, this is a special event, so we do not accept regular passes.

The movie title isn’t listed; how do I know what you are showing?

We will have the movie title posted in the building at minimum a week before the float & float. You can also call our front desk, and they can tell you what is playing.

What is different about a float & float movie night from a regular open swim?

Since we are showing a movie, we put inner tubes in the water that our swimmers can enjoy. We lower the water temperature and turned off the jets in the hot tub to allow kids to enter and have prime seating for the movie. We turn down the lights to allow the movie screen to be viewed.  We only open the shallow area of the pool for the float & float. We have ice cream floats that are served in a separate room that is simultaneously playing the movie.

What are the rules for the float & float?

We follow our standard rules but ask that all ice cream floats be kept in the room off the deck to keep our pool clean. Also, an adult must accompany children under the age of 7 or non-swimmers in the water. We ask you to respect other swimmers.