Aquatic Center Reopening Updates

Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery

The Aquatic Center reopened in July 2020 under guidance from the Governor, Department of Health, and other governing bodies. Since the reopening, we have been able to adapt our operations and programming to accommodate the strict guidance put in place by our governing agencies and as updates become available. Documents and information below will update you on our offerings, operational procedures, how to book your visit, and more.

  • If you feel sick or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.
  • You will be required to register for independent swim or water exercise time, BAM swim time, and water exercise instructor led time.
  • All individuals entering the Aquatic Center will be asked to complete a verbal health screen in addition to a temperature check. If any symptoms, if answered “yes” to health questions or temperature over 100.4ºF, entrance to the facility will be denied.
  • All individuals entering the Aquatic Center to participate in activities or programming will be required to fill out a new Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District waiver. To print a waiver, click on the following Adult General Liability Waiver or Youth General Liability Waiver.
  • All individuals entering the Aquatic Center need to wear a face covering that covers both nose and mouth. Face coverings should be removed when swimming.
  • Locker rooms will be closed due to social distancing. Patrons should plan to arrive and depart in their swimsuits.
  • Restrooms are available.
  • Pool equipment will not be available during this phase. Please bring your own kick boards, goggles, fins, flotation equipment. Exception, we will provide equipment for our swim lessons, limited equipment for water exercise classes and life jackets.
  • Sauna, hot tub and steam room are closed.

Before You Visit

What is available for reservation:
  1. First compare the pool schedule vs. your personal schedule.
  2. Understanding the schedule and designated areas

Family Beach Swim = 1 family reservation includes up to 4 people 

  • Each family reservation must contain a minimum of 1 adult (age 16 or older)
  • The adult must be in the water within arm’s reach of all swimmers in the family unit.
  • Areas of the pool: beach, river, tot pool, frog slide (without spray) and on certain days, the large slide.
  • Please only register for 1 slot per week. The day before, if there are additional openings, you may register for an extra session.
  • Please bring a signed BIMPRD waiver for all Family Beach Swim participants to your first time
    • Adult and youth waivers can be accessed on our website at or at the bottom of your receipt
  • Please check out the “Family Beach Swim” area below for more detailed information

Lap Swim = individual lap swim

  • 2 swimmers are able to sign up for each lap lane.
  • Swimmers will be assigned their lap lane when checking in.
  • Please view “How to share a lap lane during COVID”
  • If you are planning on doing standstill exercise, please choose the river/walk reservation option instead.

Dive Tank= individual lap or water exercise space

  • 1 individual will be able to sign up for each dive tank slot.
  • If you are “high risk” or prefer not to share a lane, we recommend a dive tank reservation.

River/Walk= individual walking and water exercise space

  • Up to 2 individuals will be able to sign up for this location.
  • This is a shared space and both individuals must agree to work with the current, against the current, or stationary at the same time to ensure adequate spacing.
  • Individuals may also work in the beach area with this reservation.

3. Reserve your spot in the pool for independent lap swim, independent water exercise, water exercise classes, and BAM using our online reservation system or by calling 206-842-2302. When making online reservations, we suggest not using a mobile device.

How to make your reservation:

Pool time must be reserved online or by phone at 206-842-2302. Preference is given to Island residents.

The new pricing is as follows:
$9 (senior resident)
$10 adult resident
$11 off island

Swim/structured fitness (swim/water exercise/water walking) to those 15 and older, effective November 2, 2020.

April registration begins May 26 at 8:30am.

Lap Swim Registration:
May #402600
Deep Mixology Class Registration:
May #400510
Family Beach Swim Registration:
May #402601
NEW Summer Evening Classes 
View schedule by clicking here.

For ADA accommodation requests, please email

The Ray Pool temperature is 78-80 degrees. The Nakata Pool temperature is 82-83 degrees. 

Using the online reservation system:

Need help reserving your lane? View our NEW “Reserving Your Water Time” video for a step-by-step guide through the process!

If you are unsure if you have an account or have forgotten your username and password, please contact the front desk at 206-842-2302.

How do I find the registration home page?
How do I set up a household account?
How do I use “Quick Enroll”?

Step 1 — Make a Reservation
  • Have a confirmed reservation.
  • Have your swimsuit on under your clothing.
  • Bring a small plastic bag to place your face covering in while you swim.
  • Bring your own equipment.
  • Have a face mask on that covers your nose and mouth.
  • Bring minimal additional items, as locker rooms are closed.
  • Users will need to rinse off on deck prior to entering the pool. Additional deck showers have been made to decrease time out of the water.
  • Users will be asked health screening questions regarding COVID-19 and given a temperature check prior to entering the facility.
Step 2 — Pack Your Swim Bag
  • Bring your swim gear (goggles, kick board, pull buoy, water bottle, etc.)
    • No equipment will be available outside of swim lessons and water exercise classes
    • No extra goggles or equipment will be available
  • Bring a towel and clothes to wear over your swimsuit
  • Bring your face covering
  • Bring a small plastic bag for your face covering
  • Put on your swimsuit
    • No locker rooms or showers available
    • Limited restrooms available
  • Bring minimal additional items, as locker rooms are closed
Step 3 — Arrive 10 Minutes Early

Arrive 10 minutes prior to your time slot. Wait in your car or social distance outside the front doors. You will be signed in, complete a verbal health screen and have your temperature taken.

If you have a positive health screen and/or a temperature of 100.4ºF or above, you will not be able to enter the Aquatic Center.

Frequently Asked Registration Questions
  1. What if I have a pass month, 6-month or annual pass? Passes like the ones mentioned are currently on hold and will be reinstated once the facility is under normal operations again. If you would like to have the remainder of the pass refunded to your household account, those funds can be utilized for space registration.
  2. What if I’m late for my scheduled time slot? Unfortunately, if you are more than 5 minutes late for your scheduled time slot, you will not be able to enter that day. Our staff has many additional tasks and may not be able to complete your health screen and temperature check if you are late, therefore your slot will be unfilled. You will be charged for this visit if you are late or do not show for your time.
  3. Can I stay later than the 40-45 minutes? No, we are not able to allow anyone to stay after the water is cleared for that time slot. Our staff is required to do cleaning and re-staging for the next round of swimmers coming into the facility.
  4. What if there is an open slot in the next group of swimmers, can I keep swimming? No, you will still need to vacate the pool and facility after your swim time. If no one is scheduled, you can wait at the front entrance and see if you can pay for that additional time slot and re-enter with the next group.
  5. Why can’t I register for 5 days of swimming a week? Due to the limited capacity, we have limited the number of reservations each swimmer may make per week. If there are extra openings, patrons may make additional reservations on the day of with the front desk at 206-842-2302.
  6. Can I change my reservation or get a refund? Swim reservations cannot be canceled 48 hours before your swim unless it is COVID-19, illness, or injury related. If COVID or illness related, please check with your health care provider prior to returning to the pool. If your cancellation is injury related and requires more than one day, we require a doctor’s note to refund the remaining swims. If requesting to transfer to another day or time, please provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. If we are unable to move you, we can cancel your swim and credit your account to be applied to next month’s swims.

During your visit

  • During check in, you will be given a verbal health screen and temperature check.
  • You will be assigned a pool/lane location and table where you may leave your belongings.
  • You will be asked to rinse off using one of our deck showers prior to getting in the water.
  • Place your face covering in your small plastic bag at the end of your swim lane.
  • Once your pool/lane time is finished, staff will blow their whistle or ask you to exit the water.
  • Please place your face covering over your nose and mouth, collect your personal items, and exit the building.
  • You are asked to exit out the Nakata pool side doors by the diving boards, unless otherwise specified.
  • Sauna, Steam Room, and Hot Tub are not available during this phase.


Lane Sharing
  • Enter the water from your designated area.
  • Each lane will be divided in half by the black line on the bottom of the pool.
    • When entering your lane from the designated location, your side of the pool to swim will be on your right-hand side.
    • Your designated location to rest, drink water, start and stop your swimming set is where you entered the water.
  • When waterwalking in a lane, please maintain social distancing with your lane mate, except when briefly passing.
  • When completing water exercises at your designated wall in a shared lane, please face away from other swimmers.
  • When sharing a lane and swimming towards a wall that is occupied by someone resting or exercising, either turn around quickly at the wall or prior to reaching the wall.




The Park District gives special consideration to vulnerable groups of all ages. We remind all participants that guidelines issued from Washington State, KPHD, and the CDC are being followed with the utmost care. Our programs have been designed to provide a healthy, safe environment for all participants, and our staff welcomes ALL who decide they are ready to re-engage with such activities at this time. 

However, we acknowledge the caution expressed by our governing bodies in regards to the vulnerability of certain community members, including adults aged 60+ and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. We ask that you make your personal decision to return to public activity with careful consideration. If you believe it is in your best interest at this time, know we are pleased to greet you. If you are not yet ready, know we also support your decision and will appreciatively anticipate your return.

Water Exercise Classes
  • Bring your own gloves
  • Hand weights and belts will be provided
  • Classes will be 40-45 minutes long
  • Water exercise classes have a maximum of 8 participants
  • If you have trouble registering, please call the front desk 206-842-2302
BAM (Bainbridge Aquatic Masters)
  • Register for your practice time by sending email to April for sign up instructions at
  • Bring your own swim gear (paddles, kick boards, pull buoys, etc.)
  • Registration for time slots and billing is run through RecTrac not Team Unify during this time
  • Complete a new waiver prior to attending your first practice
  • Once your practice is completed, please gather your belongings, and exit out the Ray side doors
    • Please do not linger as it will impact the next group of athletes beginning their practice
BISC (Bainbridge Island Swim Club)
  • Please go to Team Unify for the most up-to-date information
  • Athletes will be following the practice schedule as outlined by Coach Carolyn
  • Athletes will need to bring their own swim gear (paddles, kick boards, pull buoys, etc.)
  • Prior to beginning practices, you must complete new season registration which includes a new waiver (see Team Unify)
  • Parents/Caregivers will not be permitted in the building during practice to keep deck occupancy compliance per DOH
    • Parents/caregivers are asked to wait outside the building in a car or on the Ray patio maintaining social distancing
    • If the parent/caregiver can’t be present, please make sure that a contact is immediately available if your child needs your assistance and coaches have the most up-to-date contact information
Swim Lessons


Welcome to socially distant swim lessons! We have worked hard to adapt our learn to swim program to meet the requirements of the State and health department. Here are the changes you will notice and why we made them. 

  • You and your child will not be allowed into the Aquatic Center if you are exhibiting any signs of illness. 
  • All lessons are premium swim lessons. They are decreased class sizes to accommodate current distancing.
  • A parent must be in the water with their child. During our regular lessons, instructors are in close contact with children. Keeping our instructors and your child safe is paramount. The parent will act as a teaching assistant, supporting the child in the water while the instructor will remain on the deck. Parents do not need to be skilled in teaching or swimming but need to be willing to assist the instructor by acting as their hands in the water. Parents will be sent an email at the beginning of the session outlining the class and skills, so you are a part of the team! Your instructor will keep you updated throughout the class on upcoming skills.
  • No spectators allowed on the deck. We are limiting the number of people in the facility to minimize potential contamination. Exception, upper levels where parents are not required to be in the water a parent will be asked to be on deck in their child’s identified area. Why? If the child becomes ill or injured our staff need help to get them isolated and treated as quickly as possible.
  • No locker room access. Our locker rooms are considered a confined space and maintaining social distance is not possible. Please bring and leave with your child in their swim attire.

So how does this look? We’re glad you asked. 

PRE-LESSON: You and your child will arrive at the Aquatic Center wearing swimsuits and face masks. Everyone will wait outside until the facility has been cleaned from the previous group. On entry to the facility you both will complete a health screening which is completed verbally and with a temperature check. Once you are let into the building you and your child will proceed to a designated spot where you will leave your clothing and towels and wait for the instructor.  After a quick shower on deck, the lesson will begin.

LESSON: The instructor will teach and guide the class from the deck. You are there to be the instructor’s hands and work as a team to help your swimmer excel. You will not be asked to demonstrate or to go underwater if you are not comfortable with that. Some of the class areas for Fish and Flying Fish will be in deeper water. Parents will be provided with water exercise flotation belts and pool noodles for extra support. 

POST-LESSON: A quick towel off and change into clothes on deck with a quick exit so that our staff can disinfect the facility before the next group can come in. 

 We are dedicated to keeping our community in the water and providing a safe place to learn this vital skill of swimming. We thank you for assisting us in the water and hope this is a great experience for you and your child!

Family Beach Swim
  • Masks on! Please keep your masks on until you get into the pool.
  • Please do a family rinse in one of our deck showers while keeping your masks on.
  • Parent/Guardians need to be within arms reach of their children in the water at all times.
  • Please enjoy the lazy river or tot pool one family at a time.
  • When waiting for the frog slide or large slide, please wait your turn on the frog spots!
  • When swim time is over, please put on your face mask and gather your belongings.
  • Please do not change your family or yourself on deck.

Documents and Links

In the Safe Start phasing plan, municipal aquatic facilities are not permitted to reopen until Phase 3 at a limited capacity. Many aquatic centers in the region and state have already elected to close their pools down until next year; however, that is not our approach. We believe that aquatics can be done in a modified manner to allow for social distancing, while still enjoying the water.

Over the past two months, we have been making changes to our procedures, including the implementation of additional equipment and signage to help the Aquatic Center reopen quickly and safely. It is important to adjust our expectations regarding our future reopening; visiting the pool will not be the same as before the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. We must understand the initial reopening will seem restrictive and provide some inconveniences, but it is for everyone’s well-being and safety.

We will need to move forward and learn to enjoy the water in a new way. Below you will find links and specifics on what a visit to the Aquatic Center will look like and require. The Aquatic Center’s operations have changed to comply with Washington State Department of Health, Kitsap Public Health District, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and best practices. List of reference guidelines can be found below:

Healthy Washington; Aquatics for Phases 1-2
Healthy Washington; Water Recreation
Healthy Washington; Sporting Activities: recreational, K-12, higher education, and professional
Park District Travel Statement (1.20.21)
CDC Considerations for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds During COVID-19
Aquatic Center Printable Reopening Handout
Kitsap County Reopening Plan & Health Guidelines
Washington State Department of Health Reopening of Water Recreation Facilities
Reopening Water Recreation Facilities Supplement (6.23.2020)
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
American Red Cross
Park District Reopening Schedule
Aquatic Center Modified Phase 1-3 Plan (7.15.2020)
Aquatic Center Operational Guidelines — Phase 3
Stop the Spread of Germs

Aquatic Center Initial Reopening Announcement (7.15.20)

As some of you may have been aware, last week the Aquatic Center staff began a soft opening process for a few of our structured teams. The goal of this time was to allow our new procedures to be tested in a controlled environment, with groups that we could walk through new procedures with and coaches to assist. The soft opening was done under the most restrictive requirements put forth by the Governor in the Modified Phase 1 guidelines, posted June 24. During this soft opening, guard staff had an opportunity to get back in the water to work on their life-saving skills and new procedures put into place. This past week has been extremely successful, and we can’t wait to get all our water lovers back in the pool!

On Tuesday (7/14) the Governor’s office announced Kitsap County will be staying in Phase 2 until the end of the month. The Aquatic Center is adapting our reopening plan to allow organized, independent lap swimming, water jogging, and water exercise beginning Monday, July 20. During this initial reopening, space will be limited due to the social distancing guidelines outlined by the Governor’s Office Modified Phase 1 Plan for Aquatic Facilities. The entire Aquatic Center historically has run in a deficit to the tune of $600,000+, which offsets the cost of the front desk staff, lifeguards, propane, water, electrical, and the additional costs we incur to keep the buildings open above what is taken in as revenue from programming. The Park District is not able to take on any more subsidy this year. Therefore, due to the restricted capacity limits (a maximum of 50 people, including staff) prices have been increased to cover the basic operating expenses.