Adult Swim Lessons

Here at the Aquatic Center our staff believes that you are never too old to learn or refine a skill. Come learn how to float or how to do a flip turn. We have the right class for you!

Yes, You Can Swim

Our instructors will help you get comfortable in the water and release the inner child! During this class we will work on all of the basics from being comfortable submerging to floating on the water.

Activity #502519
Th    6:30-7:30p        9/15-11/17       $150        

Swimming Foundations

This is an intermediate class for adults who have the basic skills in their toolbox. During Foundation our instructor will work to build confidence and maintain proper stroke technique while building endurance.

Activity #502517
Th    7:30-8:30p        9/15-11/17        $150        

Adult Skill Builder

Whether it’s a flip-turn you’ve wanted to try or a more advanced stroke, this class is for you! Our instructors want to take those foundations that you have been acquiring and now refine your strokes and build some of the more intricate swimming techniques.

Activity #502516
TTh 10:30-11:30a         9/13-10/13          $150        
TTh 10:30-11:30a        10/25-11/17         $135
TTh 10:30-11:30a        11/29-12/15         $90
T      6:30-7:30p            9/13-11/15*         $135        *No class 10/18

Program Contact Information:

Megan S. Pleli
Aquatic Program manager
206-842-2302 ext 102